Jennifer Wang

Courses Taught at Stanford University:

49 Formal Methods in Philosophy

50 Introduction to Logic

123/223 Classical Chinese Philosophy

180/280 Metaphysics

Courses Taught at University of Georgia:

2020 Logic and Critical Thinking

3600 Metaphysics

Courses Taught at Rutgers University:

103 Introduction to Philosophy

201 Introduction to Logic

205 Introduction to Early Modern Philosophy

215 Introduction to Metaphysics

315 Applied Symbolic Logic: Extensions and Deviations

Sample syllabi:

The Ethics of Food

Introduction to Epistemology

Contemporary Debates in Epistemology


Wireless Philosophy is a great resource that provides videos introducing people to issues in philosophy. Here is a video I did for them on the Ship of Theseus puzzle.

Here is a website that compiles resources on why people should study philosophy.